Extended Care

Extended Residential Treatment Program clients are allowed to stay in treatment for an additional 90 days.

The program provides male clients supportive housing, meals and transportation as a transitional space to enable learning life skills along with continued recovery support to promote long-term sobriety.

SFRC currently has 24 two-bedroom apartments for men in the Extended Residential Treatment Program.

Screenings for Residential Treatment Programs take place at:
5312 Jaguar Dr.
Santa Fe, NM 87507 (map)
(505) 471-4985

Inpatient and Detox Screenings

Monday through Friday
8 AM to 5 PM
Please call 505-471-4985 for an appointment.
Now accepting walk-ins from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Outpatient Assessments

Monday through Friday
8 AM to 5 PM
Please call 505-471-4985 for an appointment;
no walk-ins

***Extended Residential Treatment Program clients work with our counselors to develop individualized treatment plans with goals, objectives and interventions. Individual plans are specific to each client’s needs during every level of care and are designed to include culturally appropriate interventions for each client. All client plans include a discharge plan and a relapse prevention plan. SFRC counselors continue to provide individual therapy, group therapy and peer support groups.

Clients have a focus group each day with the goal of 90 meetings in 90 days with one of the following groups: AA, NA, DBT, Seeking Safety, Refuge Recovery, or other specific peer support groups.

Along with counseling, activities promote nutrition, fitness and education to assist in personal finances and job acquisition and retention. Clients are required to pursue employment or continuing education to participate in the program.

The Extended Residential Treatment Program is staffed 24/7 with medical technicians who are available to help clients take medication on schedule, answer questions, encourage group attendance, and provide supervision. Med Techs also perform weekly random Urine Analyses (UAs) and frequent pop-ins to apartments. Clients are able to come and go, but have a 10 PM curfew and must sign out at every departure and do a Breathalyzer upon return.

Clients are encouraged to have their family members attend activities and visit.

***Please note that there is an application process for acceptance into extended residential treatment.***