Residential Treatment For Women

Break the Cycle of Addiction 

Women are statistically less likely to seek help for substance use disorders due to barriers like stigma, childcare needs and financial challenges. 

Our Women and Children’s Residential Program is designed to help remove those barriers by allowing women to bring their children up to six years old with them into treatment for up to 90 days. Women who are pregnant are also able to receive treatment at Santa Fe Recovery Center.

In a safe and supportive environment, our clients are able to focus solely on their recovery while learning skills to build self-esteem, self-worth and value in an open and honest atmosphere. Our program also supports our clients in healthy attachment and bonding with their children. 

While in treatment, clients can expect:

  • Regular meetings with an assigned counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan including goals, objectives, appropriate interventions, and relapse prevention.
  • Discharge preparation which will include community referrals, connections and strategies.
  • Weekly individual therapy
  • 8-12 hours daily of experiential activities that support long-term sobriety including mindfulness, acupuncture, yoga and art therapy.

Santa Fe Recovery Center also has a physician on staff who specializes in addiction treatment and detoxification for pregnant and postpartum women. SFRC employs a mental health specialist to provide therapeutic services to the children living with their mothers in our residential treatment facility. These services increase each child’s overall well-being and early childhood development. It will also enable their mothers to fully participate in their substance use treatment program.