Four Corners Detox Recovery Center

Four Corners Detox Recovery Center, located in Gallup, New Mexico, helps individuals struggling with the devastating effects of substance use

Four Corners Detox Recovery Center is now open!

2105 Hasler Valley Rd, Gallup, NM 87301
Phone: (505) 413-3447
Fax: (505) 808-4929

Four Corners Detox Recovery Center offers medically managed detoxification services and a residential treatment program. All FCDRC programming emphasizes bridging traditional cultural practices with evidence-based treatment through the use of peer support and local staff.

For all of its voluntary programs, FCDRC provides licensed mental health and addiction counselors, case managers, peer support workers, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, paramedics and medical technicians to ensure that the holistic needs of the clients can be met.

Medically Managed Detoxification

The Detoxification program provides time-limited withdrawal management services designed to assist people with the physiological and psychological effects of acute withdrawal from substances. These substances can include opioids, alcohol, stimulants, and sedatives/hypnotics.

While in Detox clients are encouraged to engage in peer and social support activities and are provided addiction counseling when appropriate. The program is specifically established for adults age 18 and over who are struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) or co-occurring disorders (COD). Typical length of stay is 3-10 days.

30-Day Residential Program

While in residential treatment, clients are engaged in 8-12 hours per day of activities to anchor long-term sobriety, including traditional healing methods. Healing methods include a sweatlodge for men and women, smudging, and prayers.

They attend one-on-one and group meetings with peer support workers and case managers. Completion of residential treatment includes individualized transitional planning with case managers and counselors with referrals to appropriate community supports.\

Four Corners Detox Recovery Center is a division of Santa Fe Recovery Center, a CARF accredited program that provides treatment of substance use disorders in a continuum of care in residential and outpatient settings.

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For more information, please contact 505-413-3447.

Fully Accredited Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program

CARF Accredited Gold SealOur CARF (Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited treatment programs blend the traditional 12-step philosophy with current state of the art, empirically based treatment practices. Clients experience how the stigma of addiction and mental illness can be overcome through compassionate and cooperative care provided by our community and staff.

*SFRC uses the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria and the Bio-Psychosocial Model for assessments and programmatic development.

* ASAM criteria consider several different dimensions in the client’s life from substance use, mental health conditions, medical conditions, and access to a safe stable living environment. The Bio-Psychosocial Model is a broad view that attributes disease outcome to the intricate, variable interaction of biological factors, psychological factors, and social factors.


Santa Fe Recovery Center services are provided without discrimination due to race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, religious belief, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or inability to pay. Sliding fee discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income.

Los servicios de Santa Fe Recovery Center se brindan sin discriminación por motivos de raza, color, sexo, edad, nacionalidad, discapacidad, creencias religiosas, identidad de género, orientación sexual, afiliación política o incapacidad de pago. Descuentos para los servicios esenciales son ofrecidos dependiendo de tamaño de la familia y de los ingresos.

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