Street Outreach Program

Empowering Communities and Transforming Lives through Harm Reduction and Collaboration

Street Outreach is rooted in harm reduction and community collaboration to improve outcomes for individuals with SUD and other behavioral health needs.

Our case workers meet and engage with underserved individuals to understand their specific needs and challenges, reduce stigma and promote informed decision-making. They provide:

Education and awareness on SUDs, harm reduction strategies, available treatment options, and community resources. 

Resource referrals to connect individuals essential services and resources such as facilitating access to primary healthcare services, substance use treatment programs, mental health services, housing options, transportation assistance, and other supportive resources in the community.

Harm reduction strategies including information on safer injection practices, distribution of clean needles and supplies, and overdose prevention education and tools.  

Follow-up and case management including helping individuals navigate the complex network of services, advocating for clients and coordinating care between different providers and agencies.