Medically Monitored Detox Program Helps You Safely Start Your Recovery Journey

Detox for Men and Women in Santa Fe and Gallup, New Mexico

The symptoms of withdrawal from substance use can be severe and at times dangerous without medical support. We realize it can be a difficult first step down the path to recovery, but we’re here to offer hope. Santa Fe Recovery Center Detox programs in Santa Fe and Gallup provide safe, medically monitored detox treatment to help you through the acute physiological and psychological effects of withdrawal in a safe manner.

We do not exclude anyone based on drug of choice.

We are staffed by medical professionals including MDs, PAs, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, paramedics and medical technicians, providing around-the-clock care. You will receive medication support, addiction counseling from licensed therapists, and engage in peer and social support activities.

The program is specifically established for adults 18+, and while withdrawal symptoms and timeline vary based on many factors including last use and type of drug, the typical length of stay in detox is 3-5 days.  

Once you complete the detox program, you can choose to leave or continue treatment with Santa Fe Recovery Center. We provide case management and information on how to seek our services in the future if you do choose to leave.

For Detox Screenings in Santa Fe:

2504 Camino Entrada
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Call 505-471-4985 to schedule an in-person screening.

Click here for a list of documents to bring, if possible.

For Detox Screenings in Gallup:

2105 Hasler Valley Rd
Gallup, NM 87301

Call 505-413-344 (option 1) or
Walk-in Monday – Sunday 8am – 5pm to complete an in-person screening.

Click here for a list of documents you to bring, if possible.