Santa Fe Recovery Center – Frequently Asked Questions


Are children allowed in the Women’s Residential program?

We do accept children (up to six years old) into treatment. Please call for an assessment so we can determine suitability and provide the best care possible for you and your child.

Can family members come into treatment at the same time?

SFRC does not allow family members in the same treatment facility.

Do I need to have medical clearance?

Yes, medical clearance is required to enter treatment at SFRC.  Clearance is required to assess the level of treatment and verify your fitness to enter the program. SFRC provides medical clearances at 2504 Camino Entrada, Santa Fe NM 87507 and 2105 Hasler Valley Rd. Gallup, NM 87301 You should call ahead for information and an appointment: 505-471-4985 (Santa Fe Facility); 505-413-3447 (Gallup Facility).

Do I have to Detox in order to enter the 30 day Residential program?

Yes. SFRC does not permit clients to enter residential treatment with a positive urine sample.

What happens if I call and there isn’t a bed available?

Santa Fe Recovery Center maintains a waiting list for individuals who cannot be admitted to treatment when a bed is not available. If you are not admitted to treatment, every effort will be made to refer you to the appropriate level of care. Please refer to the waitlist information sheet for more details.

Do you admit minors?

We do not accept minors but would be happy to refer you to facilities that do. 

Do you accept clients on methadone?

Yes, we are able to assist clients on methadone. Clients will need to transfer their methadone services to one of the local clinics in Santa Fe: New Mexico Treatment Services – (505) 982-2129 or Santa Fe Heath Services – (505) 820-9970.

I haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, can I still come in?

We do require the COVID-19 vaccine. Please give us a call, and we can provide information on how to go about getting your vaccine. 

My loved one needs help, but refuses to go into treatment. Is there anything I can do?

All admissions into our treatment programs are voluntary. However, we do understand that addiction also impacts friends, families and loved ones. We’re happy to offer referrals to support you.

What to Bring Into Treatment

Please review this document for what to bring with you into treatment.

Should I bring my prescription medications with me?

Yes, you should bring all prescribed medications even if you aren’t currently taking them.

Can I bring my cosmetics with me to the program?

Yes, as with all personal belongings, space is limited.

Can I bring my own music?

No personal electronics are allowed in Detox or SFRC Residential Programs.

Can I bring my own food?

Food brought in from the outside is controlled to keep the environment clean for all and to prevent insects.

Can I bring cigarettes?

Yes. We ask that all packages are sealed and they may be inspected by staff.

While You’re In Treatment

How often can I see a medical provider?

SFRC is not a hospital or a medical clinic.  You may see a provider for medication adjustments if you have unusual symptoms related to your recovery.

Can I wear my own clothes?

Yes. In residential treatment, you are permitted to wear your own clothing within the dress code rules of the program.  In detox you will be provided with scrubs.

Where should I leave my car?

We ask that you leave your vehicle with a trusted family member or friend.

Can I call my friends and family when I am in the program?

Yes, but in residential programs, phone privileges are scheduled by your counselor.

Can I use email?

Yes, but in residential programs, internet privileges are scheduled by your counselor.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes. All bedrooms are set up to accommodate more than one person.

What can I do if I’m unhappy in treatment?

You will have a counselor that you can speak to about any concerns or issues. In addition, SFRC has a procedure for clients to document formal concerns.

Who will help me with my recovery treatment?

You will be assigned a counselor who will work with you in developing the tools you need for recovery.  All SFRC staff are here to assist you.

Can my family bring me food during family visits?

No outside food or drinks are allow without prior permission.

How do visits work while I am in treatment?

Visitors are allowed after detox.  Visitors must abide by designated hours and boundaries.  You will be advised by med techs on how to set up family visits when you are in treatment.

What happens if I don’t have a place to go after treatment?

When you successfully complete your program at SFRC, you will be considered for other levels of care within SFRC or in the community.  Case managers will work with you to find the appropriate next step.

Insurance & Payment

What type of insurance do you accept?

We currently accept Medicaid and private insurance.

I can’t afford treatment. What are my options?

No one will be denied access to Santa Fe Recovery Center services due to inability to pay. We can offer assistance for those who are uninsured, underinsured or unable to pay including a discounted/sliding fee schedule available based on family size and income. Grant funding may also be available. Please call us on 505-471-4985 to discuss your situation. We are also happy to assist with your Medicaid application, when possible.